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A Curtain for Every Style...DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Here in SW Missouri, we tend to be slightly behind the trending decorating styles of say...the coasts...but things are just a slower pace we don't mind if we aren't the trend capital of the US! The trend I'm referring the title so bluntly describes...drop cloth curtains. The style of curtains have actually been around for some time now, but like I stated, we here in SW MO just seem to be catching on to the trend and LOVING THEM! I have used them in my home, clients homes and homes I've staged...and the consensus is the same...they are...LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!!!!! (A little How I Met Your Mother reference) They just add coziness, a light airiness and even an elegance...all at a ridiculously amazing price point! So, I decided I'd do a quick DIY on where to find the best ones, the differences between types, couple ways to hang them and a few pics showing how they really can be used for different styles. Now, I will admit, I do not have them showing in a modern home yet...but that is a challenge I would be happy to accept!!


Painters drop cloth - 6' x 9' Amazon, Walmart

Curtain Rings with clips - Target, Lowes, Walmart

Bleach if dyeing

Iron/ironing board :)


Not all drop cloths are created equal...the best place to get guaranteed 100% cotton drop cloths (see link below to purchase), is from Amazon. All cotton ones will bleach easier and whiter. I unfortunately did not realize this when I purchased my first cloths and honestly didn't know that it mattered. Most of the cloths available at hardware, home improvement or discount stores, are a cotton/poly blend (which is NOT stated on the packages - fyi). These do not bleach the same! I didn't have the convenience of time to order online, so I initially purchased my cloths at Walmart in the painting section. They have different weights of cloth and I opted for the 8 ounce 6' x 9' size.

Like I stated before, I didn't realize there was a difference in cloth fiber content, so I proceeded to move forward with the bleaching regardless. I first tried washing the cloths, two at a time, in my washer on the quick wash setting with bleach and a little laundry soap. Once they were washed I dried them in the dryer on a hot setting. After the first round, I will admit, I was disappointed the color hadn't really changed. However the softness of the cloth went up dramatically. So...I decided to soak the cloths in hot bleach water for about 3 hours. This is when I decided to look up the details on this new adventure. From what I read, I was going to be disappointed because the ones for the discount stores for the most part wouldn't change very much and here I was on my second round of bleaching. :/

Here are a couple of good blogs posts about the dyeing process. I decided with my little experience in this matter, directing you to the ones I found most helpful would be the best option.

Link to purchase cloths online...they are great price and 100% cotton:


There are obviously many ways the cloths can be used and hung. I have a preference for two different styles. One is a bit more farmhouse style and the other more of a traditional style. here are pictures of both. As seen in the pictures below, the curtains on the left have been hung with the fold on the outside showing and the one of the right side, the fold is on the backside of the curtain. They both have a similiar style, but the one with the fold showing is a little more relaxed and farmhouse style than the other. I would like to note, you need to measure from the rod to the floor and decide how long you'd like your fold to be and if you'd like the curtain to pool a little as well.


Seriously guys, these were super easy...the Walmart brand ones did end up lightening up and I think would be worth buying on a whim if needed, but ordering the 100% cotton ones is the way to go for sure! If you have any question or comments please feel free to email me!

Love & Peace,


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