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An Aged New Book - DIY

I did not come up with the genius idea of finding hardback books at the Dollar Store and using them for decorating. However, I did jump on the bandwagon! I still prefer finding old treasured books, but they can get pricey and sometimes just hard to find. Now, I'm sure the idea of aging a book isn't new...but I have been a scrapbooker in the past and love the aged/vintage look of scrapbooking and picked up the knack for inking edges of paper, embellishments and ribbon to achieve the look. Hence, my immediate thought when I found the $1 books...Aged New Books! If you are a book lover and hate seeing a book marked up for any other purpose besides taking notes in it...might want to turn away LOL! In this quick DIY, you'll learn how to make that book look like it's been around for ages!


-Hardback book - Dollar Tree (NOTE: I

like to pick the solid color books)

-Brown ink - Brown Bag Close To My

Heart (favorite option)

-Sponge - Close To My Heart (yes, I

know...mine looks well used)

-Sheet of sand paper - 3M 150 grit


To start, you'll need to remove the jacket from the book and discard. I like to tear my sand paper into quarters to make it more manageable for this project. Next, take your sand paper and rough up the edges of the book... the binding, the corners, the edges of the front and back cover along with the edges of the book paper.

Once you have the book roughed up to your liking, dab your sponge lightly on the ink pad and start rubbing it along the edges of the book cover and lightly sponge the ink onto the roughed up edges. This may take some practice to get the right amount, but you really can't mess this up. Make sure you ink the page edges, the inside cover along with the outside and the binding. This project is really completed once you're happy with the outcome. This works well on all the hard back books I've purchased from the Dollar Store, even the black ones. The ink won't show up on the cover so much...but you will be able to see it on the edges if sanded enough.


If you really want to make the book look aged, take your sponge and go back and forth along the book pages, fanning the pages a bit so ink distributes on a lot of the edges. I curled my pages a little too. Seriously, a 5 minute project with minimal cost! My kind of DIY for sure! A little warning...buying the books so cheap is addictive and the clerk at checkout might think you'd gone a little mad! LOL

Happy Book Aging!!!!!!

Would love any comments or pictures of your finished projects! Check out my other blog posts too!

Peace & Love,


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