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DIY - Faux Mini Foliage

While shopping for pillows at a variety of discount stores (I have a pillow problem, LOL), cute miniature plants seemed to be at every store I visited. I was surprised when they ranged from $7.99-$14.99 and the desire to do a DIY for one was created! I toyed with several ways to create the black/dirt bottom and finally found everything I needed including the black sand at Dollar Tree. Here's a quick photo tutorial to make your own!


- floral foam

- small glass jar

- small decorative stones

- black/dark sand

- faux foliage

Not shown:

- hot glue gun

- wire cutters

- knife


To say this is a quick DIY project is an understatement. The first step is to cut the floral foam in a small piece to fit the jar, leaving room all around for the black sand. Put some hot glue on the bottom of the foam and set it in the jar, holding it in place for a few seconds so the hot glue can adhere. Trim down the foliage stem if needed and push it down into the foam in the jar. Place a little bit of hot glue around the stem to help keep it in place. Pour the black sand around the foam until it reaches the top edge of the foam.


To finish, place the stones around the stem on top of the foam and sand. Seriously guys...THAT'S IT!!!! It literally takes longer to let the hot glue gun to heat up over the whole project!

I ended up making several of these cute little plants, so the cost is minimal! I even used a little jar left over from my Oui yogurt and it made one! So cute!!!

Feel free to post finished projects to! Check out my other blog posts too!

Peace & Love,


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