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DIY - How to create beaded garland

With the Modern Farmhouse decorating boom, beaded garland has become a highly desired accessory. They aren't terribly hard to find at stores, but can get a bit pricey. One of my favorite activities is creating beautiful decor at a fraction of the price. Today's tutorial walks us step by step thru making your own gorgeous beaded garland! Let's dive in!!


*Various sized wood beads - I chose three different sizes found at craft stores like JoAnn's

Amount needed for the size in the tutorial: 5 - large beads, 12 - medium (16mm) & 24 - small

*Leather cord - hemp cord would work well too

*Scrap material - I used an old pillow case - Woohoo, up-cycling!!!!

*Sharp scissors

Step One:

You need to cut your cord to at least 30 inches (tutorial size) or desired length and tie a knot on one end to keep the beads from sliding off.

Step Two:

String on beads in your desired pattern. The picture below shows the pattern I decided on. Continue to add beads until you have around 3 inches left.

Step Three:

Next you need to cut your material into strips. I cut mine between 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch wide and about 12 inches long. I used 10 strips per tassel. After you get them cut, bunch them together into the two piles and fold them in half.

Step Four:

Now, it's time to attach the tassels. Using the end of the garland that is untied, you will tie (as close to the last bead as possible) the remaining cord around the middle of the tassels at the bend you made when you folded it. If you have enough cord left, tie it twice to secure it. Then take the remaining cord left and thread it back through the beads (picture only shows going back through one bead, but try to do 3-4 beads) to hide it and give the garland some support. Repeat this step on the other end (you will need to untie the starting end in order to attach the tassel).

Finishing up:

You can leave the tassels the length they are, or trim them. I like cutting the ends in a zig-zag pattern to give the tassels a non-uniform look. There are endless possibilities with these! I used bees wax on them to give them a natural shine. The picture below shows the difference between the natural (right side) and the waxed (left side). I also included another garland using white beads and gingham ribbon for the tassels!

There you have it! Your own DIY beaded garland! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! The plan is to post a new DIY tutorial every Thursday so stay tuned and subscribe so you get notifications of further blog posts!

Peace & Love,


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