• Kathleen Moehr

Drop Cloth Obsessive!!!!

I know, weird title right?! But seriously...look at those curtains! One of the services I offer is home staging for realtors, prior to the house going on the market. I finished a staging this past weekend and FELL IN LOVE with the home owners curtains! I had seen posts in my FB decorating groups about drop cloth curtains and bed skirts, but had yet to see them in person! HOLY SMOKES PEOPLE! They are FANTABULOUS!!!! Seriously!

They're inexpensive, easy to find and for the most part no sew type curtains! I found some at my local Walmart store in the paint department and decide to give it a go! For today's post I wanted to share how amazing these are and how versatile they are for a variety of different design styles! I am actually using them in another home I'm staging and it is not the farmhouse style, more of a traditional. Really pumped can you tell?!!!!! On Thursday, I will give an in depth look into where to find them, how to hang them and how to bleach them. But for now...just admire the beauty in these puppies!!!

Look for my DIY post on Thursday on these amazingly easy and inexpensive ways to make your windows look FABULOUS!!!!!

Peace & Love,


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