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Garland fit for a Fairytale...a DIY tutorial for fairytale garland

Though I initially made this garland for Valentine's decor purposes, I realized it's perfect for a fairytale inspired room as well! I had fun this past Valentine's Day decorating my home with my handmade creations...especially all the garlands!!! I had a request to create a tutorial showing how to make this specific here we are!!! I did intend to post this prior to Valentine's Day, but I figured since it was a garland fit for a works perfect!! I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did!


-7 hearts (4 - 5 inches across)- these can be crochet versions (available for purchase here - , pattern link

here - ) or

paper doily hearts

-Various types of material and ribbon - remnants from craft stores are a great option, old

pillowcases, tulle, ribbon scraps all between 12-18 inches in length - the tutorial uses five

different fiber types for the fringe (see below)


-Sharp scissors

-Large eye needle/darning needle (not shown)

Optional supplies for paper doily hearts:

-Light brown ink pad - Close to My Heart Brown Paper Bag is shown

-Small sponge for inking edges

-Scrap paper pad for keeping your area clean

Getting Started:

You will want to go ahead and cut your strips of material, ribbon and whatever else you decide to use for the fringe. The material and tulle are cut roughly about an inch wide and as stated above in the supplies section around 12-18 inches in length. Having a variation in length just adds to the whimsy look. You will also need to decide what pattern you want for your fringe, which in return will determine how many of each fiber you will need. For instance, the pattern I chose below uses the following: 4 gold ribbons, 4 sparkle tulle, 2 light pink material, 2 white material and 1 green polka dot. The jute will also need to be cut the length desired. I made mine long enough to accommodate 7 hearts and 6 series of fringe with about 6 inches on either side of the first and last hearts, approximately 78 inches long.

If you decide to use paper doily hearts you may want to add a little distressing to the edges for the added fairytale ambiance. To do so, you will need a light brown ink pad, sponge and scrap paper to keep your area clean. Dab the sponge on the ink pad and lightly sponge or rub on the edges and/or heart.

Stringing Hearts:

Stringing on the hearts is relatively easy. The crochet versions are simple, but the doily versions are a little more delicate. You will need to use the large eyed needle for this part; makes it much easier to weave the ends through the stitches/holes in the hearts. The pictures below explain the placement of the needle on each heart for both the crochet and paper versions. Go ahead and string all the hearts on one after the other.

Fringe Time:

The fringe will be added in-between the first heart and second heart, it will end in-between the second to last and last heart. There will be 6 sets of fringe total. Laying out the pattern prior to adding each set of fringe is helpful to keep it the same throughout. The pictures below show the technique to adding on each piece.

Finishing Up:

Once all the fringe is attached, you can space the hearts and fringe by sliding them on the jute. After you are pleased with the spacing, make sure you create a little loop on either end of the garland for hanging.

Your Fairytale Garland is complete! The possibilities are endless! Happy garland making my friends!

Peace & Love,


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