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Going Green...DIY Faux Potted Plant

Greenery in the home has health benefits on top of decorative ones. Earlier this week I made a blog post about those benefits. Today you're going to learn the steps to making your own faux version, which still has both types of benefits...yes even health ones in the sense of plants making a more relaxing, stress free environment regardless if they are real or fake versions. Let's get started!


Package of sheet moss - JoAnn's

Small terra-cotta pot - JoAnn's

Floral foam - JoAnn's

Greenery bush - JoAnn's

Wire cutters


The first step to making your decorative potted plant is cutting the branches off your greenery bunch and cutting your floral foam to fit your pot. When cutting your branches, you will want to leave a few a little longer than the others to assure for a rounded looking finished plant. The plant can use anywhere from 8-12 trimmed branches depending on the size of the greenery you purchase.

When you cut the floral foam you will need a knife to cut the size off you need. I place the pot on top of the foam to get an idea of the size I need. You will need to slice off a smaller piece to help fill the sides in. I purchase the foam that is softer and can be squished into place relatively easy. You just need to give the branches a place to be pushed into.

Once you have the foam in the pot, you can start adding the branches. I start with a slightly taller one for the middle and put the rest around it at a slight angle. Continue until you fill the pot all the way around.


This last step is optional, but I always add a little moss to cover up any of the foam and fill in any empty spaces. You will need to pull small pieces off the sheet add it around the edges of the pot. I will warn you...THIS IS MESSY!!!! The overall effect of the moss makes the mess worth it!

There you have it! Your very own, stress relieving potted plant to add to your homes decor! They are pretty addictive to make and crazy easy so watch out!!!!! :)

As always, please feel free to email me with questions or pictures of your finished products!!!!

Peace & Love,


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