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Going Green...The Benefits of Greenery in the Home

The suggestion I see quite often in the comments of decorating groups I belong to on social media...add greenery to the room. I would have to say, I agree with this statement whole heartedly! Not only does the addition of plants and greenery create an aseptically pleasing element to a room, but there are health benefits to adding live plants as well. If the question comes across your mind to add or not to add greenery...always go with YES!


Live plants in the home contribute to the overall ambiance of the home, but did you know there are health benefits too? Plants release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, so they add air purification to the home. Not only do they help with better air quality but there have been studies showing plants can speed recovery time for certain conditions, sharpen focus, reduce stress, and contribute to a variety of other health benefits. So, why wouldn't we add them to our homes?

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Besides plants having health benefits, they also add warmth and a welcome feeling to a home. They can be used to cover up blemishes in certain areas of your home, help fill large spaces and create a happier and lighter atmosphere.

I'm aware many people have allergies to plants or just cannot keep a plant alive to save their life! This is where faux greenery comes into the picture. Though you won't get the health benefit of purified air, you do still get the happier atmosphere effect on your mind which relieves stress. Plants are visually calming, regardless if they are live or not. The faux plants can be costly, but making your own is much easier than you think! Stay tuned for Thursdays DIY on making your own faux potted plants!

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