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Growing up, we always cleaned like crazy fools when guests were coming to stay. My brother and I had weekly chores, so the actual cleaning portion wasn't really deep cleaning per se, but more of pick up and get everything looking welcoming for our guests. As an adult, I have continued on the tradition and want everything to look perfect for friends and family coming to stay. I try to make the guest bedroom and downstairs of our home, as welcoming and comfortable as possible...their home away from home. I thought I'd share a few tips to make your guest bedroom as welcoming as possible and a home away from home for your guests!


There are some basic items to check off when getting ready for a guest stay. Nice, clean sheets is the first thing to check off the list. Please wash your sheets prior to others coming to use them,'s just common curiosity! Next, clean the room they will be staying in...seems silly to mention this, but a room that is dusted, vacuumed and ready for someone to feel comfortable in, really does make a difference. I am aware not everyone has guest bedrooms, but you can still offer clean sheets and a clean environment for them to stay in.


Honestly, a welcoming feel for your guests, really is in the details of their room/stay. There are several items your guests should have access to without having to search for them themselves. These can be in their room, displayed on a table or basket of some sort, or in the bathroom on the counter or again in a basket on the floor. If neither of these is possible, hand the items to them when they arrive and settle in.

The following might seem silly to some, but it really does make a difference on how you feel when visiting. Have freshly laundered towels - wash cloth, hand towel, and several bath towels. I opt for white ones for a crisp clean look. I don't buy expensive towels by any means, but I do buy nice ones. Sam's actually has great towels at fantastic prices! Their large bath towel is $11.99 and their hand towels are $3.99. You can usually find some on sale at either Target or TJ Maxx as well.

The other small items, which make a huge difference in the comfort level of your guests stay, are toiletries. I seem to always forget items when I travel and having little shampoos, conditioners and body soaps already out is one less thing to worry about. I usually just pick up these travel size items when I stay at hotels. I am one of those people who, takes ALL of the toiletries left out on the counters in the hotel bathroom...LOL! Hey it makes my guests feel welcome and I'm really paying for them any way in my room fee! ; )


Now, many think I go a little over the top, but I really want my guests to understand their importance in staying with us and how special they are. I'm a feelings type person if you haven't picked that up yet!!! I like to go beyond the norm and add in a few extras like fresh flowers, coffee cups, K-cups, fragrant candles and sometimes a few magazines to browse through if so desired. It's my way of thanking them for being here and sharing our home with us!

I hope I gave you some helpful tips for your future guests! I love feeling welcome when visiting friends/family and I want my guests to feel the same!

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