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Is That A Cupcake Plate?!! DIY...dollar store cupcake plate/candle stand!

I LOVE to bake and get excited about the pretty plates goodies can be displayed on too! I have a few cake plates, but thought a cupcake plate would be an awesome addition to my collection! I have seen many dollar store DIY's and decided to give this inexpensive project a go. It turned out so incredibly well that I decide to make several and share the knowledge with you. :) Though it takes at least 24 hours to complete, it is a quick, easy and inexpensive project to do at home! Most of the supplies are from either the Dollar Tree, Dollar General or craft store. On top of the ease of the project, the plate has multiple functions as you'll see in pictures below! Let's get started!


Clear glass candle plate - Dollar Tre

Clear glass candle stick - Dollar Tree

Spray paint - white semi-gloss - Dollar General

White acrylic paint - Walmart

Industrial strength glue - Joann Fabrics

Foam paint brush - Target

Clear acrylic sealer spray - Walmart

Cardboard box (not shown)

Newspaper (not shown)


The first step takes the longest to complete...not because it's difficult, but because it needs to dry for 24 hours. I recommend using something like newspaper or a paper towel to catch any excess...using the industrial strength glue, place a thin line of glue on the top of the candle stick and place the plate on top, centering the best you can.

Once the glue has dried for 24 hours you can move on to the spray paint. Following the steps on the back of the paint can and placing a cardboard box under your stand, spray paint the top and the sides of the candlestick portion. You'll need to let the paint dry

in-between coats. Once your first coat has dried, turn the stand upside down and make sure you get the underside and the bottom of the candlestick. You'll need to repeat this a few times to get a nice solid coat on the stand.


There are a few options to the final steps. You can leave the stand white, or use a sponge or another foam brush and add a little of a beige or ivory acrylic paint to give it a slight vintage/worn look. Once the paint has dried, either the spray paintor the acrylic paint, you can spray it with a sealant to keep the coat last longer.

That's seriously all there is to it! They make a great candle stand, small plant stand and of course cupcake plate! What a versatile project and decor'll make your friends that a cupcake stand?!!!!!!!

Sneak peak included for next weeks DIY...Party Plate...decoupage dinner plate! Another dollar store project!!!

As always, thank you for checking out my DIY post and blog! There are other blog posts for your enjoyment on my website! Be inspired to live your life through design!

Questions or pictures of your finished projects can be emailed to!

Peace & Love,


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