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Let's talk about books...

I am a garage sale and flea market lover! As a child, both my brother and I were taken to the local auction house every week breathing in the stale smell of antiques, vintage items, junk and second hand smoke...all while sharing this experience with all the other treasure hunters in town. Beyond the smoke, those childhood memories bring joy to my heart. :) Both my grandfather and father were/are antique lovers and experts in collectibles. I've been fortunate to inherit that love and knowledge along with my brother. Books have always intrigued me and are one of the items I love hunting for when shopping garage sales, auctions or flea markets. They make amazing decorative props. Books and decorating idea of heaven! :)


I use books a lot in my room designs. They're an inexpensive addition to any design. When staging homes, a fireplace and it's mantel enhance the desirability of a home. You can create a focal point in the room by decorating the mantel with a variety items including books. Placing them under candlesticks to add height works well and adds depth. If the binding is decently colored and distressed, I usually face it outward, but often old books have damaged bindings so I turn around the book and use the aged pages for added texture.

Books are the perfect accent on a table next to your chair, on your bookcase or even on a tray. I don't really have a rhyme or reason to the ones I pick; color, condition or binding...its whatever catches my eye.


The only downside to collecting or shopping for books...antique dealers and flea market vendors know they're in demand and the price has gone out the roof! However, I've found a way to get the books I desire and pay a fraction of the price! Stay tuned on Thursday and see where to find cheap books and how to get the aged look on a new book! See you then!

Send me an email with questions or pictures of your decor!

Peace & Love,


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