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Nesting Fever...DIY Spring Bird Nest

I recently got the opportunity to visit the most incredible home decor store and bistro called Sandstone Gardens in Joplin, MO. I seriously could spend an entire day there eating breakfast, having a mimosa, shopping in the incredible decor portion of this heavenly place, then have lunch...and you guessed some more in this marvelous wonder! While browsing the uplifting Spring decor I came upon several beautiful little bird nests and fell in love! Of course, being the artsy person I am, I thought...hmmm...I bet I could make these! While there, I purchased a good size bag of blue faux robins eggs to use in my nest. The best part about making these...I used a lot of left over silk flowers and the leaves I often remove from the stems because of the bulkiness. I am a slight pack rat, so I keep the extras just in case! Well guess what?! I found something to use my just in case stash! I have listed the supplies, where they can be purchased and the steps to create your beautiful nest! I hope you enjoy!


This is split into two pictures due the amount of space needed to display them.

- variety of smaller sized florals (JoAnns, Walmart)

- variety of greenery (3-4 different types), smaller in size (JoAnns, Target, TJMaxx)

- leaves of artificial flower stems (JoAnns, Walmart, Dollar Tree)

- small decorative bird eggs (Michaels, local craft/decor stores)

- wired twig garland (JoAnns)

- small 6" wreath (Dollar Tree)

- brown, wide burlap ribbon without wire (Walmart)

- hot glue gun and glue sticks (Walmart - I use the Gorilla Brand and about 3 sticks)

- scissors

- floral wire cutters (not shown)


The first step in creating this beauty is making the nest base. You will need the wreath, the twig garland, brown burlap and the hot glue gun. Cut a piece of the brown burlap big enough to fit inside of the wreath and glue it all the way around. NOTE: The glueing process for this can be a bit long. It takes some time for the burlap to finally stay adhered to the wreath, but be patient, it will happen! It also may not look the prettiest, but it will be covered by flowers and greenery, so don't be overly concerned about it.

Once the burlap has adhered you will need to measure and cut your twig garland. I am going to warn you...THIS IS MESSY! The garland is extremely fragile and will slightly fall apart as you work with it. It's ok, just brush the pieces aside and keep working. There is plenty there to work with. Once you have it fitted around the edge of wreath, you will need to leave about another 6 to 8 inches more for the center portion of the nest. The pictures will probably due this step better justice than explaining


I started with the left over leaves to create a bed for the eggs to lay in. I didn't use all the leaves, but I wanted to get some sort of base to begin. I made sure the eggs fit nicely, however, I DID NOT clue them down. I continued on by adding in the small greenery where I thought it would look appropriate. NOTE: I included a picture of the glue gun, because I wanted to show how I secured the stems as I added them. I put as much glue as necessary at the base of each one while also pushing the stem into the wreath for security as well. I didn't use rhyme or reason to the placement, I did try to keep a balance on both sides, slightly off centering the greenery and flowers as I went. I moved on to the small flowers including the light pink, white and eventually the yellow center one. After the flowers were added, I attached the eggs permanently using the hot glue gun. I used a few of the extra leaves as well.


The final steps are really just a continuation of the above. I added the larger greenery to the outside of the wreath on the back to give a full look to the nest. After I was happy with it's placement I added the last flowers for the final touch!

AND VOILA!!!!! You've finished the nest! It really is an easy project and relatively inexpensive! As always, please feel free to send me pictures of your finished work!

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Peace & Love,


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