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Pom-Pom Tablecloth Throw Blanket DIY

I am a sucker for Target's end cap sales. I will not deny it! I will also admit, many of the employees know who I am from being a frequent shopper and sometimes point out the, if they didn't I wouldn't be able to come up with these amazingly inexpensive DIY's for you! So, I take one for the team and search out the sales at my beloved Target just for you! Ok...this isn't a confession/intervention moment!!!! Today's DIY involves a gorgeous tablecloth by Opal House (Target brand) that I found for under $10! To jazz it up, I added some pom-pom's on each end with some beading. Let's get started!!!


-Tablecloth - The one in the picture measures 70" x 52". I suggest getting one with a little cotton

in it. It makes for a softer throw blanket once washed.

-Cotton Yarn - The yarn used in this DIY is from Knit Picks and its organic cotton.

-Pom-pom maker - The one shown is by Clover, also found online at Knit Picks.

-Tapestry needles - You guessed it, found at Knit Picks.


-16 small beads and 8 larger beads (not shown in picture above) Any craft store will have fun

ones to accent your blanket.


The first item to take care of is making the pom-poms. I love the Clover pom-pom makers. It makes thick and relatively uniform pom-pom's. I found a video on YouTube showing how to use the tool and I also found, on the same channel, a video on how to make pom-pom's without the tool. Either one of these options works. You will need 8 pom-pom's total. The worst part of this process is the trimming. I am quite particular and I can spend hours trying to get these little devils uniform, but I usually give up and settle. An FYI - trimming makes a mess so have a trash can handy!

Clover video:

By hand video:


Once all the pom-pom's made, you will need your beads, scissors, yarn - three stands of cut around 20 inches and tapestry needles. I use two different needle sizes, the larger for the yarn going through the tablecloth and pom-pom and the smaller to go through the beads.

You will add the yarn strands one at time in the corner of the tablecloth like shown in this picture:

After pulling all three strands through, make sure they are even on both sides of the cloth. To secure the strands, tie a knot on both sides of the tablecloth, as close to the fabric as possible.

To give the blanket a little bit of a fun whimsy look, I braided each set of strands, making the set on the front side of the tablecloth a little shorter than the back, so the pom-pom's laid a little nicer when the blanket was out on display. Make sure you tie a knot at the end of each braid to ensure it doesn't unravel.

Grab your tapestry needle and pull two of the three strands of yarn through the eye of the needle and then through the middle of the pom-pom, pulling all the way through until the pom-pom reaches the knot at the end of the braid. Thread the single strand of yarn through the needle and pull it through the pom-pom middle as well, making sure to leave a little space between the first two strands pulled through and the one you are currently pulling through. You will then tie a double knot using the two strands together and the single one. Cut the single strand as close to the same height as the rest of the pom-pom. You'll be left with only the two strands. I decided it would give the beads a little more strength having two strands pulled through versus just the one.


I decided on the pattern; one small bead, one large bead and ending with the small one. I tied knots in between each bead to secure it in place. Once the last bead is attached, I tied a double knot so the bead wouldn't slid off. Trim the yarn close to the knot.


To finish the blanket, follow the steps for the remaining pom-pom's. There will be a total of 8 pom-pom and bead combos, two per corner (one on the front side of the blanket and one on the backside).

Wasn't that a great way to dress up a tablecloth! Honestly, you could still use it to adorn your table, or as a throw blanket! I love the light weight of the material for a Spring time blanket! If you have any questions please email me:

I'd love to see your finished blankets, so feel free to send pictures or post them on my Facebook page too!

Peace & Love,


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