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Spring is in Bloom Hoop Wreath DIY

Even though Spring isn't quite here, I feel safe to assume everyone is ready for the appearance of the first signs of Spring...the small blades of new life coming out of the ground and the new buds on the bushes and trees. We had a unseasonably warm day here a few weeks ago and the inspiration for a new Spring-like wreath was born! I have been enthralled by the metal hoop wreaths while browsing on Etsy and decided to give it a go. I have had several requests for a DIY for the wreaths and I am here to appease!!! :) Though it's more cost effective to make your own versus purchasing a pre-made one, it is a bit of a costly project. Each supply will have a few suggested locations to purchase the same or like items. As usual, let me know if you have any questions. Let's get started!!!!!


- 18" Metal Hoop: brushed gold at JoAnn's and a silver version at Hobby Lobby

- Greenery: TJ Maxx has inexpensive options, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's

- Variety of silk flowers: Walmart, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's

- Wired edged ribbon: Walmart, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's

- Zip ties: I used clear available at Walmart or any hardware store

- Wire cutters: Walmart or hardware stores

- Hot glue gun: I use Gorilla Glue sticks and purchased the gun at Walmart

- Eyelet kit: JoAnn's

-Jute rope: thick version for a little weight on the bottom purchased at Walmart

-Chenille pipe cleaner (not shown) for bow: Walmart or JoAnn's

**Wooden beads shown in picture not used for the project**


1). To attach the greenery and the flowers, they need to be cut from the bushes or cut a little shorter. There will be extra leaves to be removed, do not discard these, you might use them later to fill in spaces.

2). For the bow, you need to cut the ribbon into 24 inch stripes - 3 each, fold them in half.

3). Cut two longer strips of ribbon for the tail of the ribbon. I cut mine about 48 inches.


I first saw this technique (zip ties) used while searching for YouTube videos on bow making. I was intrigued and decided to try it and I have been very surprised at how well it works! I found it easiest to come up with a design prior to attaching them. Once I decided on the design, I copied it on the other side to make sure I liked the design as a whole, of course leaving a space for the ribbon (see picture).

Once satisfied with the layout, I set the flowers and greenery aside and began using the zip ties to add them to the hoop. You will also need to cut the zip tie ends as close as you can to the tie closure.

Continue building your wreath by adding the flowers and adding zip ties where you think the stems need to be secured. Once you have one side done, move on to the next.

After all of the greenery and flowers are attached, I chose to add the heavy weight jute to the bottom portion where the bow will attach. I did this for a few reasons; first to make it aesthetically pleasing and second to add some weight to the bottom of the hoop to help it hang properly. I attached it with a knot and then used the hot glue gun to secure it and wrap it around the hoop.


I am going to refer you to the Youtube video I watched when learning how to make the bow used for the wreath. The video is much better at showing how to make the bow versus a photo tutorial. Here's the link:

Once you've watched the video and you're happy with the bow, the next step is attaching it and the bow tail. I like to cut the ribbon ends to make it look more aesthetically pleasing as well.

Attaching the bow is done in the same manor as the flowers and greenery. Slip a zip tie under the pipe cleaner and then place the bow where you desire it and use the zip tie to secure it. You will also attach the bow tail the same way and secure it close the tie used for the bow (tail attachment not shown).


The tail can hang loose or you can use the hot glue gun to attach it throughout the flowers/greenery. The picture shows one side of the tail adhered going up one side of the wreath. For this particular wreath, the other tail end is attached in a similar fashion.

The wreath can be left as is and hang on a door gorgeously as shown below!

There is also the option to attach a hanger. The supplies needed: eyelet kit, wooden ring, hard surface (eyelet pad shown), hammer (small eyelet version shown) and a piece of the ribbon used in the wreath. I folded over the ends of the ribbon and secured them down with a small dot of hot glue. I then put the ribbon through the ring and wrapped the whole thing around the metal hoop at the top of the wreath. I continued to follow the instructions on the back of the eyelet kit package and placed two eyelets.

VOILLA!!!!! A gorgeous hoop wreath made by your amazing hands! I believe there will be a hoop wreath for every season on my door! A wreath makes a warm welcome into your home!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! Check out my other DIY posts too!

Peace & Love,


Any questions email me:

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