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The Artistry of Making a Topiary...DIY

Topiary is defined as the art or practice of shaping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes according to I have tried my hand at shaping bushes into spirals in the front of our home and failed miserably...LOL. However, I found out you can make fake topiaries and I was game! It's a relatively inexpensive project and a quick one as well. Let's get creative!


*3-5 Faux greenery bunches (depends on size of topiary) - JoAnn Fabrics (shown) or Hobby

Lobby have the best prices

*Sheet moss - Joann Fabrics (shown), Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree

*Floral foam - JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Walmart - I get the kind that is

somewhat soft so it can be shaped & molded easily

*Small pot - JoAnn Fabrics (shown), Walmart, Dollar Tree

*Wire cutters - Walmart

*Serrated knife - Walmart, Dollar Tree

*Hot glue gun - Walmart (shown), JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby

*Small twig - Yard (LOL)...but you could use a dowel too I would assume


To get started, you will need to cut the branches of the greenery bushes. In the example shown, which is around 14 inches tall, I used 3 bushes. The larger one shown further down (20 inches) I used 5 bushes total. Once you have the branches cut, you will need to shape the foam into a round(ish) shape with the knife and to fit into the pot.

So, let's talk about why I chose the square foam versus the ball version. Yes, you can get small green foam balls. I have yet to find them in the floral foam that is moldable though. The greenery works better in the softer foam, so I opt to just shape the square type versus getting the already green balls.


After you have the branches cut and the foam, you can start creating the topiary ball. I usually start on the top and work my way around, pushing the branches in at a slight angle. Once you get all the way around and have a small opening left on the bottom, you can add in the twig.

The twig shown is around 6 inches long and I used the knife to shape the ends into somewhat of a pointed end (makes it easier to insert). Push the twig into the ball until you reached the desired height for your topiary. Remove the twig and fill the hole with hot glue. Yes, it will melt the foam some, but it will help secure your twig. Reinsert your twig, put more hot glue around the twig and let it set for about 10 minutes before adding the remaining greenery around it.


Once the twig is secure enough (it will still move a little), hold it upright and insert it into the foam in the pot. Just like the topiary ball, remove the twig, fill the hole with hot glue and reinsert the twig. I also put more hot glue around the twig, let it dry and added a little more. Your topiary will move a little since it's being inserted into floral foam, but it will hold once it's complete. After the hot glue has dried, add the moss around to finish up the look. I did put hot glue under the moss in places to help secure it. I tied a piece of cloth ribbon around the stem to complete the look! And...there you go! Your very own topiary which requires NO UPKEEP!!!! :)

As always, please feel free to email me -, with questions or pictures!

Peace & Love,



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