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The Change Up...

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

My number one comment made when asked my opinion about someone's current home decor or room arrangement is this..."Things just need to be changed up". Most of the time, simply moving furniture, mirrors and accessories is all that's needed to make a room look new and inviting! This goes for any decorating style. I definitely have a preferred style of decorating...I call it Eclectic's a mixture of colors, textures, and patterns. My ultimate goal with this style is to walk into a home/room and feel the warmth and invitation to sit and relax. To achieve a welcoming feel all that's needed is a possible new furniture layout, the change out of pillows/accessories and the addition of greenery or flowers. Let's explore some ideas on how to do this in your home!


To achieve a welcoming feel to a room, arrange the furniture so there is a walk way easily recognized. Couch placement in a living room is key to the coziness and inviting nature of the room. I found couches are often placed in the walk way and this makes the room choppy and less inviting because your guests have to navigate around the furniture like a maze. Instead, move the couch slightly off-center if there is need to place it near the entrance. This helps create an even flow. I recently staged a home for a relator friend and the living room was a bit challenging. We decided to make the fireplace the focal point and place the couch slightly off centered in the room, so when walking in through the home entrance, you didn't run straight into the back of couch. My original preference would have been to place the couch on the wall the TV was mounted, but this wasn't an option, so placing it slightly off centered created a more welcoming and cozy appearance with the focus being on the gorgeous fireplace. We opted to remove the second couch the home owner originally had in the room to create a more open feel and easy transition into the dining room.


I know many think pillows are unnecessary, but I'm here to tell you they are the ULTIMATE welcoming warmth needed in any room! The living room, bedroom, front porch, back porch...anywhere there's an ability to add a pillow, DO IT! I saw a post on Facebook the other day and it seriously nailed it! It said pillows are the adult version of stuffed animals. I couldn't agree more! I lean towards the more pillows the better look, but this goes for the minimalist look as well...just add a pillow! Ok, now that I beat that into your brain, at least I hope I did, let's talk about some places to find these design staples. I have fantastic luck at one true love! I have also purchased quality pillows from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, Ross and Pier One and they are on sale ALL THE TIME! I rarely spend more than $20 on a pillow, so it makes them an inexpensive way to change things up!

I was putting some sheets away in our linen closet the other day and found these gorgeous coral pillows. I thought...hmmm...these would be a nice change in my bedroom...and then I took the gold pillow from an arm chair and BOOM...FANTABULOUS...I didn't spend any extra $ to give my room a new look. The addition of the pillows add warmth and a bit of classiness to the look...and it didn't cost anything additional! That's the best part of changing things up in the home, a majority of the time, there is a minimal cost to change.


My last tip is the addition of greenery or flowers. They can be either real or artificial. I have the combination of both in my home. I recently had my in-laws visit for a few days and I wanted to make the guest bedroom more inviting. I decided to add flowers to the room. I LOVE FLOWERS! My husband can attest to this! I don't care that flowers dry up eventually...they're here for us to admire and enjoy, and I REALLY ENJOY THEM! My favorite place to purchase flowers is our local Walmart Neighborhood market. They cost less than $5 a package and last for nearly a week depending on the type you buy and how you take care of them. Here's a few pictures showing the lily blossoms (real & artificial) I added to bring warmth into the room.

The best part to these tips...the cost is minimal. Moving furniture around only costs your time and energy. Pillows can be found in other rooms or cheaply purchased at discount stores. Flowers or greenery add the warmth and invitation many of us strive to have in our home and they don't break the bank! Change things up my friends...I promise the result will amaze you!!!!!

Peace & Love,


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