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The Many Shades of Blush

One of my favorite colors...well pretty much all of my 42 years of pink! I can't even begin to explain my excitement with the new trend this year of the color blush! It does seem there is a wide range of what is considered "blush", so I thought I'd put together a collection of some of my favorite decor, accessories, and yes, even wine! Links are provided to the items available for purchase online. Here's to The Many Shades of Blush....CHEERS!!!!!!

Ah beautiful are those flowers, pillows, cake plate and bowl...not to mention the Mrs. Meyer limited edition Peony scented line! The bottle of rose was actually my husbands pick due to the design on the bottle! I'm a sucker for a nicely designed bottle of wine which can be turned into a vase later! Here's some links to the products shown above!

Picture 1 (top left) - The gorgeous fuzzy blush pillow in the background is from Anthropology. I will admit I got it on clearance, so this exact one might not be available anymore, but their pillows are divine!

The flowers are unfortunately years old, so there isn't a link for those any more...but Walmart has amazing silk/artificial flowers at great prices!

Pictures 2 &3 (middle top pics) - The gorgeous pink pillows seen in the two different settings is from Target. I have a small confession to make...I LOVE TARGET!!!!! My friends joke by asking me if the store has certain items in stock because I go there soooooooo much!

Picture 4 (top right) - Ok, there are several items in this picture! The first pillow on the bed..the blush color block one is from Target...SURPRISE! The long floral striped pillow is from Anthropology and again was purchased on sale, so it might not be available anymore (see link under picture 1). And finally, in the far back of the picture behind the white pillows you see a hint of blush poking it's magnificent self out! I recently purchased these gorgeous sheets from Sam's Club! They are actually called coral here, but they have more of pink in them then the picture shows.

Picture 5 & 6 (2nd & 3rd row first set of small pictures) - These are the pictures with Mrs. Meyers products, limited edition Peony (sink picture) and Geranium is the other scent. I LOVE Mrs. Meyers. I have found it's either loved or hated! Not much in between! LOL...They can be found in various places, but Target has most of them, excluding the Geranium hand lotion...that was purchased from Grove Collaboration, but they tend to run out of scents quickly, so Mrs. Meyer's website is listed instead.

Picture 7 & 8 (2nd & 3rd row, second set of small pictures) - The pillows in picture 7 are guessed it Target! I found them on one of the clearance end caps in the store. Often when items purchased online are returned to the store, they discount them and place them in clearance. I got these for my serenity nook! I just fell in love with the colorful lumbar pillow in contrast to the soft and fun accent pillow! I couldn't locate the fuzzy pink one online anymore. :(

Lumbar pillow: The gorgeous pink milk glass cake plate and scalloped bowl are also from Target, by Hearth & Home with Magnolia. This particular line is almost always sold out! I have gotten lucky and purchased them right after I got the email notification they were back in stock! I plan on getting the whole line! The gorgeous lilies I picked up from my local Walmart Neighborhood market! There's just something about fresh flowers! Yippee Spring!!!!

Picture 9 (last large photo on right bottom) - Last but not least, this gorgeous bottle of rose is actually from Sam's Club. I love white and rose wines in the warmer months. This bottle is Fleur de Prairie Cotes de Provence that's a fancy name...but again it is a pretty fantabulous bottle, the name seems fitting!

Well I have one more surprise for you...a sneak peek at tomorrow's DIY...Table Cloth to Lap Decor...YIPPEE!!! I thought this would be a fitting DIY this week with the blush beaded pom-pom accents! Stay tuned for tomorrow my friends!!!!!

Peace & Love,


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