• Kathleen Moehr

To Wreath or Not to Wreath...

One of my favorite items to make are wreaths! So, my answer of course to the title of this blog post...YES TO WREATH! I love adding greenery, flowers and wreaths in my home and outside. Something I've learned while staging homes...curb appeal is important! If that means you put a nice wreath on your door and some flowers in a pot, then you do it. It really makes a difference on the first impression for potential home buyers. The same goes with first impressions for guests and friends coming to your home. The porch or front entrance to your home is seen first and having a wreath on your door adds that extra warmth and welcome to those entering your home!


Though choosing a wreath is relatively simple, the size of the wreath really does matter if you want the correct impression. The wreath on the door above (which can be purchased in my shop) is a 20" hoop and around 24-25 inches wide with the greenery, which as you can see fits the space of the door perfectly. Having a wreath that's too small just doesn't give the same warm greeting to your home. Also, the wreath should be about 14 inches down from the top of the door, about in the middle of the door. Just like hanging your pictures in your home, if it's hung too high or low, you don't get the same pleasing sense to the eye. See the picture below showing a wreath too small for the same door. It just doesn't give the same invitation into your home as a proper size wreath gives. Most of the time, a 24" diameter wreath will be the sizing you want to look for your front door.


Color does make a difference as well. I purchased a gorgeous fall wreath that had orange, yellow, brown and cream colors in it. When I hung it, the red brick of our home swallowed up the wreath and it was hardly noticeable. Having the black front door does make it easier to work with a variety of colors, but the warm colors just don't work with our home. When you go to pick out your wreath, take a picture of your home with your phone prior to leaving and hold it up against what you are considering buying and see if it pops with your home's coloring. It's always nice to have some neutral colors like white and cream in the wreath, but adding some contrasting color makes a world of difference! The greenery in this wreath makes the white and red colors pop and absolutely gorgeous with the red brick and the black door! If you are not sure what colors to look for, find a color wheel to see what would be complementary to your home color. Green is complementary to red on the color week, so it works with our home!


If you were on the fence before about a wreath for your front entrance, I hope you are on the wreath bandwagon now! If you just don't know what to buy, you can order one from my shop (link below). I can create a custom colorway for your home!

Peace & Love,


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