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Wreath making in a SNAP

Wreaths add a nice ambiance to your home decor, and with the Modern Farmhouse explosion, they have become even more popular! With popularity, comes a hike in price as well! But making your own wreath is a lot simpilar than you think and much easier on your wallet! I have put together a step by step photo tutorial to help with the creation process! Now, you can make your own wreaths in a SNAP!

Picture 1: Wreaths, wreaths and more wreaths!

Picture 2: Supplies needed

Wreath - 10 inch used, found at Dollar Tree

2 bunches of greenery - found at JoAnn's, also can be found at Walmart

Wire cutter - Walmart

Floral wire - Hobby Lobby

Picture 3 & 4: Cut branches from greenery bunches

Each wreath takes 22-25 branches like the ones shown

Picture 5 & 6: Attaching branches

I like to attach the branches two at a time. First place one branch in by weaving the the end through some of the wreath and then do the same with the second, but layer it over the exposed branch of the the first greenery branch.

Picture 7 & 8: Securing branches

Take the floral wire, cut a piece long enough to wrap around the wreath a few times. Weave the wire in under the first branch catching some of the wreath as well and then bring either side of the wire up and around the greenery part of the second branch layered on top, twist the wire as close to the wreath as possible. Be careful to not pull to hard, because the wire will break. Once you twist it around both branches, wrap the wire around the outside of the wreath towards the underside of the wreath and twist it again, and snip off and tuck into the wreath to hide the sharp ends.

Picture 9 & 10: Continue adding branches

Continue adding the branches all the way around, until the last branch end is covered up by the greenery of the first branch added.

Picture 11: Adding outside edge greenery

For a fuller look, add another layer of branches around the outside of the wreath. These won't alway need to be secured with wire. For some reason, these tend to hold better in the wreath and can also be weaved in under some of the existing wire. This is really up to your preference on how full you'd like the wreath to be.

Picture 12: Adding Floral

The wreath can be changed for each season by adding in different florals around the year. This is an example of a cute simple Spring idea! Add the flowers the same way you added the greenery.

Happy Wreath Making!!!!!!


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